Vanessa - Sunset Flight

The sun is setting against a vibrant cloud covered sky.

A young woman takes up position near a group of rocks, and asks if you're ready. You nod. She produces a small vial of mysterious liquid and drinks it. Moments later she clambers up onto the rocks and begins to prepare herself. Just as she finishes peeling down the top of her swimsuit, you do a double take as her chest begins to expand- no, inflate! Bigger and bigger she gets, until her helium filled assets have dragged her up onto her tiptoes. Then finally, with a giggle and a soft moan- release. Her feet brush against the moss covered rocks one last time, and she's away, slowly drifting up into the sunset sky. The only thing still holding her down is a rope- the same rope you've somehow managed to hold onto while this incredible scene unfolded before you. The only question is, will she continue to hold on or submit herself to the cloudy sky above?

Pack includes 7x sequence shots with 9x alternate angles (16 images total) at 2560x1600 resolution in lossless PNG format.

Contains breast inflation, extreme hourglass curves and helium floating.

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