Sequin Floatoshoot

The camera clicks. A xenon flash bulb sparks to life, briefly flooding the room with bright white light.

Before you, an impossibly curvy model poses in a classic sequin swimsuit. She moves with unnatural grace, as if her body doesn't quite weigh as much as her proportions might suggest. Nevertheless, the sight through your camera lens is truly awe inspiring. The curvature of her body, the effortless way in which she leaps and bounds across the room. It's almost too much to handle, and for a moment you nearly forget to keep pressing the shutter button. Every time she angles herself for another shot, you find yourself having to force your index finger to do it's job. After all, you're not getting paid to stand around and stare through the viewfinder, completely flushed with dumbstruck fascination.

The camera beeps. Your compact flash card is nearly full. With expert speed, you lower the camera, flip the access panel open, swap out the card, and bring the camera back up to your face. By the time you refocus on the scene, something has changed. The model looks... bored? No doubt she's done this a thousand times before, it would be nearly impossible for someone like that not to be in high demand. You see her look up towards the ceiling and pause for a moment, before looking down and into the camera lens again. She giggles, raises her thumb to her mouth, takes a deep breath, then blows.

The effects are immediate. Her body swells outwards, curves amplified by some unseen force of internal pressure. She laughs as you find yourself having trouble keeping her ballooning figure in frame. It feels as though the inclination of the room has suddenly changed, though you quickly realize this is not the case. Instead, she's being pulled up onto the absolute tiptoes of her feet. It's almost as if the very curves of her bubbly body are struggling to pluck her up off the ground and hoist her towards the ceiling. She continues to pose as if this were the most natural thing in the world, expertly dancing around on only the smallest area of contact between her toes and the floor below. Every time you push the shutter button becomes harder than the last. Your mind and thoughts race towards a state of perpetual derailment, though your flustered expression only seems to fuel the intensity of the sight unfolding before you.

Eventually, the model gives you a thumbs up. You think that the session is about to end- especially after the tricks she just pulled. You signal back with an OK sign and prepare to lower the camera once more, but she's not quite done yet. In one swift move, she brings her thumb back up to her mouth and blows into it again. Her body expands- no inflates- even more, and just when you think the photoshoot couldn't get any more interesting, it does. Slowly but surely, her feet leave the ground as her entire body begins to gently rise up into the air.

Dutifully, you somehow manage to continue snapping photos as the model floats higher and higher. Maybe your brain is on autopilot, maybe not. Maybe the drive to document this amazing display of talent and show it to the rest of the world is what keeps you pressing that button. In the moment, it's impossible to tell. And judging by the actions of the model, it appears as though she's just about as mentally present as you are- giving into temptation more than once before exhausting herself and letting her body go limp. Soon enough, she gently bumps into the ceiling, then maneuvers herself around for the camera a few more times.

As the photoshoot finally wraps up, you're left with more questions than you have answers. One sticks out among the rest, though.

Who gets to be the lucky soul to help her down?


Pack includes 26 unique poses rendered in stunning 2560x1600 resolution and saved as lossless PNG.

Contains extreme hourglass curves, one piece swimsuits, breast inflation, butt inflation, leg inflation, buoyancy play, and floating.

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